Living in the now

Years ago, my spiritual director at the time said to me ‘Nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes a bit longer.’


Many of us including myself want to resolve things straight away.

At times I get anxious when I deal with the unknown. I want to know the answers straight away. I do not like putting my life ‘on hold’ with unresolved ‘stuff’.


Being a doer can be a strength. However, every strength has shadows, and every shadow can be a potential strength.


I remember the words of Jesus:

‘I am with you always even till the end of time.’


‘Heaven and earth may pass away, but my words will never pass away.’


So regardless of what challenges we have to face, we are helped by our inner resources and given the strength to face them.


Indeed, our adversities, if approached positively and with faith in God’s promises of unconditional love, can help us grow as human beings.


Learning to wait can be a reminder to be truly present in the moment that I am living now. I will face tomorrow with tomorrow’s strength and grace.


When we are prisoners of anxiety, life, and opportunity, pass us by.


Now is the moment of living life fully.

That means every now!





Image credit: Jakob Owens via Unsplash