Yesterday we farewelled Mick Fox in a funeral Mass at our Cathedral in Darwin.

Yesterday we farewelled Mick Fox in a funeral Mass at our Cathedral in Darwin.

Mick worked ‘PRO BONO’ at our church office supporting refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, and so many others. Everyday a stream of people came in to see him seeking his help. He walked the extra mile to support people.

At the funeral there were so many people present from all walks of life, and from the ‘four corners’ of the world.

The Sikh community provided fruit, water and other drinks for all to share afterwards at the wake.

Tributes were given by family, community workers, church members. Some of the common words used were ‘selfless, generous, not self-preoccupied, reliable, honest, knowledgeable, non-judgemental, accepting’.

Mick was quite private about his health and other things about himself. However, he was out there for others.

Mick was very committed to his faith. He chose to be a Catholic as a young man and did not look back. However, he was very accepting and respectful of the belief of others; it gave him freedom. People spoke about his sense of humour.

The Aboriginal community was strongly represented. Mick attended St. Martin’s Community for Mass and drove the bus, picking up people for Mass on Sunday mornings. St. Martin’s, while open to all, is also especially an Aboriginal Catholic Community.

As I reflected, I saw an example of a truly Christian disciple of Jesus. Practical living of our faith speaks eloquently to others.

I had intended to speak today about two more gifts of the Holy Spirit as we journey to Pentecost. I will continue doing that tomorrow.

However, I believe that what I have just said about Mick Fox is a practical example of the FRUITS of the Spirit.

The gift of the Holy Spirit bore fruit in Mick abundantly. He very much lived his faith in practical Christian living.

Pope Francis keeps reminding us that it is by living our faith we become proclaimers of the Gospel. We become living reminders.

No Saint, no-one is perfect, but with the grace of the Holy Spirit we can bear much fruit, fruit that will last.

28 May 2020

28 May 2020


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