Living with disability

Today we celebrate the day of people living with a disability.

The dignity of each human person is of paramount importance.


Discrimination against anyone because of a disability impoverishes all of us. It erodes the sanctity of the human person.


There is a certain preoccupation with the ideal body image.

We see it in advertisements selling cars and so many other commodities.


This ‘idealised‘ body shape preoccupation has a lot to answer for the mental health damage done to so many especially young people.


Beauty is so often perceived to belong to the ‘perfect’ body shape especially in young bodies.


Physical and other disabilities in no way diminishes the dignity of any person.


Ageing is an area where people are often discriminated against.


My own dear mother’s body was greatly challenged by rheumatoid arthritis as well as Osteoporosis.


I remember her when she was so full of energy and life, a truly beautiful woman in her twenties.


I saw her body disintegrate bit by bit.


I saw her determination to fight back.


She was an artist who painted. When her fingers could not paint anymore, she turned to do tapestries. She could use her teeth!!


Her illness also brought the best out of my father who was totally devoted to her and loved her deeply.


We are called to continue remembering that each human being matters absolutely.


This includes those still in the womb as well as at any stage of life!






Image credit: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash