Love is bigger than evil

I had just watched the movie ‘The darkest hr‘.


It was indeed a dark hr all seemed dark and hopeless.

Hitler had rushed through many countries and seemed unstoppable.

Churchill was advised to negotiate with Hitler.  He had a lot of pressure to do so. He almost did.


In the end, supported by the king and by the people he decided to fight.


His stance probably helped eventually lead to an allied victory.


He encouraged the people to have hope and to fight evil. He encouraged them among other things to trust in God.


I was reminded of Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings‘, it is a Fantasy about the battle of good over evil.


Despite the huge almost impossible odds evil does not triumph.


Tolkien was a practising Catholic and his Faith influenced his writing of the Trilogy.


Yesterday’s readings at Mass remind us of God’s victory over evil.


We share in that victory.


As we remember the incarnation of God among us, we also celebrate hope.


As we face the reality of evil around us, we can do so with hope.


Advent invites us to renew our commitment to hope and to be United with God’s will in our lives.


Christ is our strength and hope, nothing is more powerful than Him.





Image credit: Marcos freestocks via Unsplash