Love of Self

Love of self is healthy, selfishness is not.


We are created in the image of God.


We are the beloved sons and daughters of God.


In baptism, we are adopted into the inner life of God.


Our fears and insecurities can make it hard for us to truly believe this.


As children, our parents and our family as well as others help us to know that we are lovable.


A child needs to hear that they are beautiful, attractive wanted and valued.


Throughout our lives, we seek reassurance of this.


The more we love in God’s unconditional love for us the more that we are able to trust in our lovability.


Others can be and hopefully are sacraments of God’s love for us but they are not God!


We are happiest and most true to ourselves when we are in union with God. The stronger this connection is the freer we become and the more we are able to experience true happiness.


When we do not believe this enough we can become trapped in our insecurities which can lead to a lack of self-love and a proper appreciation of being truly Loved and lovable…