Love of Self

Growing in a healthy love of self is part of our Lenten journey.


Shortly after I was born, my paternal grandmother found herself with all her children had left home.


Dad was married and living with Mum. His two sisters had joined the convent and the youngest in the family, Uncle Joe joined the Jesuits.


When my brother was born grandma often looked after me giving mum time to look after a new baby.


I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. I had grandma’s unconditional love and attention. It was a very secure infancy with an ‘all-powerful’ protector! I was her shadow!


She died when I was five and a half years old. I remember her so very well.


By this time, Mum and Dad had my sister Maria to also look after.


Both our parents loved all of us very much. However, they had three children under five and a half years of age. They could not possibly give me the undivided attention that Grandma was able to give me.


Her death triggered a crisis for me.


I had to rebuild my sense of being unconditionally loved.


Even though we believe that God loves unconditionally we do not always act on that belief.


We think that we need to earn love. We can at times even question our lovability.


So many experiences that we carry can cause this to happen.


We are the beloved sons and daughters of God.

God loves in us what The Abba ie the ‘Father’ loves in Jesus.


We can hold our heads high securely and live by our God…