Many yet one

Last week, I was part of a celebration remembering the 30th anniversary of the Dili Massacre in East Timor.


A large number of people were injured and many were also killed at that time.


We started the celebration with music.


The local Priest and I were greeted on arrival by people dressed in traditional costumes and drums and we processed to the Church


As we entered the Church the choir sang both beautifully as well as meaningfully.


A number of survivors led the way in this procession.

These are people who had suffered and even faced death during the movement that lead to independence for East Timor.


Right through the Mass the singing was both moving and beautiful.


After Mass we gathered for dinner.

The Timorese are great cooks and know how to party.


It was a great family show. Children, obviously much loved and valued were everywhere.


The Christian Faith is obviously very important to the Timorese.


There was a deep sense of family with those present and I felt part of that family.


I move from one group to and other here in the NT.


The First Peoples and so many others, from so many parts of the world.


We are United in Faith; our Faith brings us together.


Jesus has indeed come for all people, and we all enrich each other,







Image credit: John Anvik via Unsplash