Mary Magdalen

Today is the feast of St Mary Magdalen.
We are told that Jesus cast out seven demons from her. We also know that she was at the foot of the cross as Jesus died, with the small group present there including Mary, the mother of Jesus.


She is also the first to see the risen Jesus on Easter Sunday morning.


Jesus tells her to go to the apostles and to deliver his message that he was ascending to ‘my father and your father, to my God and your God.’


Mary becomes the apostle to the apostles.
She had been healed by Jesus and she stood by him as he was dying. He appears to her first.


As we let God heal us, we also become bearers of good news.


We can become wounded healers. We can encourage others to always have hope. We can become instruments of hope. In Jesus, there is always hope.


No matter what challenges we have to face, health issues, family issues, financial issues, our own sinfulness, evil in the world ect., we are never abandoned.


The resurrection of Jesus really happened; he was seen and experienced not only by Mary Magdalen but by the apostles and many others for many days.


We are the heirs of these eyewitnesses.
As we let God help our growth and transformation, we also become living witnesses that Jesus is indeed risen.


Image credit: Andrea Solari