Mary, Mother of the Church

Mary, Mother of the Church

We are back to ‘Ordinary time’!

The priest wears green vestments at Mass again for the first time in over 90 days!

Green of course is the colour of grass, green grass, green trees, represent life, abundance. Green grass means crops, pasture.

Is there really such a thing as Ordinary time?

Each moment is full of wonder and awe, mystery, miracles, if only we open our eyes!

Being able to retain a sense of gratefulness, even when we face challenges, helps to keep a sense of balance.

The Festivals of the Church, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, are celebrated so that we can live these mysteries every day! All Feasts and Celebrations are reminders for everyday living.

St. Mary MacKillop used to say, ‘see a need, do something about it’!

St. Teresa of Lisieux reminds us to do the little things of everyday well, with love. To do this whether we are washing the floor or doing whatever!

Today, the first of the month, and the first day of Ordinary time, is the Feast of Our Lady, ‘Mother of the Church’.

Mary is a model for the Christian disciple. She has also been given to us as Mother by Jesus.

Mary, woman of faith and trusting in God, a woman co-operating with God, a God who raises the poor and pulls down the mighty from their thrones. Mary was not a weak woman!

Just as God worked marvels for her, God works marvels for us.

She believed in the promises of God.

We are called to live as people who also believe in those promises.

Our lives, when lived with integrity and in hope, witness to the action of the Holy Spirit in us. We become living reminders of the empowerment God can give to weak human beings.

When we live, aware of our need for God, when we acknowledge our human weakness, ‘our poverty, we give God a chance to fill us with good things!

Instead of floundering on our own, we let the kindly light of the Gospel guide us into life.

“I do not know where I am going, I do not know what lies before me, but it does not matter if I am lost in the heart of my creator”. (from the Prayer of Abandonment – see picture for full prayer)

1 June 2020

1 June 2020