Meetings and partings

On the plane back to Darwin. It has been a blessed time here in central Australia.

28 Baptisms of Adults, teenagers, children and infants, Barring two all were First Nations people.

Several Confirmations and First Communions. Spent time with the people of God, in the Parish, including Schools and Catholic Care.


I am thankful for so many good people.

The SVD community of Priests do a great Ministry. Good to spend fraternal time with them conscious of the encouragement of the Vatican to be both brother and father to them. Since they are all young enough to be my sons the latter is not so hard to imagine!


As I fly on the plane back to Darwin I am conscious of our huge Diocese and the need to be a Pastor on a permanent pilgrimage.


There is sadness in parting. Indeed the whole of life is a pilgrimage. Life is full of enriching encounters. It is also full of ‘being with‘ and partings.


St Augustine reminds us that our hearts can only rest in God. In God, we encounter all of creation and more. In the heart of God, we learn to live with unconditional love. We learn to love all and not to hold on to anyone or anything.

Yet in God we belong to all and all belongs to us. In God, we continue to learn more about the amazing mystery of Unconditional Love.


We are on an ongoing journey of growth in true freedom.


He who gave all for all calls us to learn from Him who is meek and humble of heart.


He reminds us that commitment brings true freedom.

In Christ, all distance is sacred distance filled with love and not distance at all!




Image credit: Eva Darron via Unsplash