Yesterday I was invited to a breakfast celebrating ‘day of men.’


When I speak to our men, I remind them of what I believe a strong man to be.


I say that a strong man is:


Never a bully

Respectful to the women in his life

Is able to talk about his feelings

Is able to say sorry

Can be gentle and sensitive

Works on developing emotional intelligence…


I heard it said once that a young man who cannot cry is a savage!


When my dear mother died over twenty years ago it took me some time to get to the hospital.


My father was surrounded by my three siblings and the grandchildren were gathered around her.


When I arrived I started crying. I could hear the young people saying ‘Uncle Charles is crying!’

That gave ‘permission’ to my five nephews especially to also start crying!


There are so many stereotypes, often culturally conditioned, that socially condition men!

‘Little boys do not cry‘

‘Be a man, hit him back!!’



There is a phenomenon happing where in many places boys are being outperformed by girls at school.


Men and women are equal and in so many ways complimentary.


We are all on a journey of personal discovery.


Thoughtful and respectful interaction helps us to continue in this self-discovery.


Male and female God created us and we are all created in God’s image.






Image credit: Jakob Owens via Unsplash