So much of religious belief in so many religions is caught up and confused with the perception that we need to merit salvation.


A central belief in our Christian faith is that we cannot save ourselves. Indeed it is God who saves us!


Jesus died for our sins and we are infinitely and UNCONDITIONALLY loved.


We often pray like as if we are trying to convince God to love us.


Some of the prayers we use are often not clear enough, and make it sound as if we merit being saved by our efforts alone!

That is not true to our Christian faith.


Our prayer is a surrender in love to God’s will for us. God’s will for us is eternal life. God desires all to be saved.


God loves us more than any human lover can ever love us. God loves us more than we love any human lover.


We do not need to convince God of our needs. Persistence in prayer is about uniting our will with the will of God who wants the absolute best for us.


So many aberrations in human religious history arise from not knowing about the unconditional Love of God.


Jesus spelt this out for us by His words and actions. As Saint Paul reminds us we are gifted with the law of freedom.


When we join Jesus and indeed Mary our mother in saying:

‘Your will be done!’


Then we are surrendering into the Holy Insecurity of Love.


All that matters is love.