Some people say ”I do not need to pray I do mindfulness’.

Mindfulness is about being aware, it is an introverted activity to keep yourself steady and calm. It’s like going for a run: necessary for well-being.


Christians believe that what is more important is to take mindfulness and turn it into love, into heart fullness.


Mental health is very important and we need to take the necessary steps to stay healthy. Christian prayer is even more important as it is an act of love.


Christian prayer necessarily involves gratitude.


Gratitude is beneficial for both spiritual and mental health.


I can be grateful for beautiful things in nature, the people in my life, God’s unconditional love etc.


Mindfulness, Christian Yoga, relaxation, etc can be helpful in preparation for prayer. However, prayer is not about technics. It is about relationship.

Relationship with the God who is Love.


It is a response to an invitation. God takes the first step. God invites us into a loving union. It is a surrender of faith and trust to the one who loves us unconditionally and wants the absolute best for us.