Ministers of Joy

1st reading, Zephaniah 3:14-8

Psalm, Isiah 12

2nd reading, Philippians 4:4-7

Gospel, Luke 3:10-18


The message of Joy and hope continues from last week in today’s readings.


He will exult with Joy over you

He will renew you by his love

He will dance with shouts of Joy over you!


Cry out with joy and gladness for among you is the great and Holy One of Israel.


Paul tells the Philippians that he wants them to be happy, always Happy in the Lord.

Trust God and tolerate others.


In the Gospel, John proclaims the Good News. He calls for repentance and integrity. He calls for the care and love of the poor.


Advent calls to combine the love of others and a turning away from sin and what is not good, with a sense of hope.


Jesus is good news, Jesus brings hope.

He is ‘the way’ of genuine Love and the way to holiness and the way to real happiness.


We are called to be who we indeed are.

Beloved sons and daughters of God.


Advent reminds us to both celebrate as well as to live this mystery.


By developing a practise of intentionally being more reflective, we ‘wake up’ to the mystery both within and around us.


Who we are becomes more and more a living reminder of the Good News of Jesus, Ministers of Joyful compassion.





Image credit: Preslie Hirsch via Unsplash