Moments of Grace


Image credit: Lukas Blazek via Unsplash


I went shopping this week. A shopkeeper started talking with me about the challenges that his family had been having over the last several months.

This included deaths and other family challenges. He said that it was hard.


I listened and he continued talking and sharing. I recognised that I was talking with a very good man and I told him so.

Eventually, we spoke about prayer and God’s love.

I went away feeling blessed.


This conversation started with me asking how he was and he told me.

How often are we in a hurry and miss beautiful encounters?


So often we are time poor and it affects our quality of life.

I lead a busy life with many responsibilities. I know that there are times when I need to multi-task otherwise I will let people down.

However, I also need to continue finding a balance and slow down at times.

I need to often remind myself to stop. I decided to stop and genuinely ask how my shopkeeper was. It was mutually enriching.


Yours in Christ,

+Charles Gauci
Bishop of Darwin & NT

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