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So many reactions to the Coronavirus!

We have been watching with dismay the second wave of this virus in Melbourne and in some other parts of the country.

We have also been hearing of second waves in many other parts of the world

We have watched anger and frustration burst into violent protests in Germany and in other places.

Our hearts reach out to those who have lost loved ones in these very difficult circumstances.  The grieving process for many is disturbed because of what can and cannot be done at funerals, in view of social restrictions.

There is apprehension about the possibility that this virus can spread into our own areas.

For many it is hard to believe that in this day and age we could be affected like this!

The livelihood of many is so greatly affected!  The ripple effect of solutions put into practice to deal with what is happening financially to people, has had some mixed blessings in some quarters which were unintended.  This is despite very well-meaning intentions to helping people.

I am reminded of yesterday’s Gospel reading when the Apostles were on a boat and they were battling a heavy sea because of a head wind.

When Jesus came to them, they did not recognise Him.  They were terrified.  His words were ‘Courage!  It is I.  Do not be afraid”.

We do not always remember that God is with us in challenging times.  We are reminded to hold on in faith.  We are never alone!  As we face these challenges we are called to faith.

Not a blind faith, but to remember that despite all that is happening, God is with us.

Let us talk to Him about our feelings.  Let us also listen to each other with listening hears as well as ears.

It is important not to be alone at this time.

Ring a friend, a relative, see how they are going.  As we face big challenges, we can all benefit by being available for each other, more than ever.

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