Just arrived at Daly River.  I am looking at the river as I write.

A crocodile just swam past in the water.  I am listening to a bird calling in the big mango tree on the right.

The trees alongside the bank of the river are a varied shade of green, silver, and brown with the dark shadows in between.

The hills beyond the river are covered with trees touching the sky, bright blue with puffs of cloud moving gently with the breeze.

The gentle breeze blowing on my face is refreshing in the warmth of 2.45 in the afternoon.

Having just driven for two hours, I am making a conscious effort to be part of all this.

Rather, I am part of all this and I am reminding myself that I am.  My mind that has been racing ahead on events yet to come, is slowing down.

It is good to be here!

This echoed in my heart the words in Genesis:

‘God saw all that he had made and it was very good’

So good to stop and appreciate being part of God’s wonderful creation.  Indeed, to open my eyes and see, and my ears to hear.

It all speaks of the profound love beyond all this.  The love of Our God that overflows to the whole of all that there is.  Indeed, all is maintained by love.  A love that no darkness can ever suppress.

We can focus on the negativity that we can hear on the news.  We can be somewhat preoccupied with what is missing.

Most of us appreciate the need to stop and reflect.  We know it is important.

So often I find myself busy about many things.  Most of them are important.  However, it is so essential to stop and consciously connect with the deepest reality.

Connecting with creation around us is a good balance, calling us to be ‘awake’, ‘real’, ‘connected’ with life, the fullness of life at the heart of which is Our God.

Creation is amazing, how much more amazing is God,  source of it all.

Take a moment, focus outside yourself, really look at something in creation.  Catch a deep breath and maybe, say a prayer of thanks.

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