When we work we have an opportunity to continue in the on-going work of the Creator

When we work we have an opportunity to continue in the on-going work of the Creator

Monday is for many the beginning of the working week. The word ‘work’ can generate so many different reactions in us.

For so many, Mondayitis is very real. They don’t like their work and do not like being there and are there because they have to. This, of course, can have serious implications for one’s wellbeing.

Others basically like their work but may not enjoy being at work every time they have to work.

I heard a definition of work once that resonated with me.

‘Work is a way of making love visible!’.

In the book of Genesis in the first two chapters God is Creator, God works. ‘God saw all that He had made and it was very good’.

God creates because God is love.

God desires to share God’s life with creation.

On the seventh day God rested!

When we work, we have an opportunity to continue in the ongoing work of the Creator. We are partners in the ongoing work of creation. Work is about providing food, medical care, housing, education, transport, manufacturing many useful things, and about much more.

In many ways work is helping someone have a better life. Of course, our ingenuity to provide energy and medicine, and tractors, etc. can also produce bombs and other destructive machinery.

Work can be turned to slave labour where people are abused in so many ways without respect for their God-given dignity.

Catholic Social Justice is very strong on just work, just wages, decent working conditions.

When work is about the common good, the good of the individual and the good of society, it is a noble and wholesome thing.

In a rapidly changing world people of good will need to reflect together with those with power in this world. We need to reflect on the best and most human ways of work for all.

Humanity is one big human family. A cheap product brought in Australia, the USA, Europe etc. can be the result of ‘slave labour’ in some poor country.

Profit for the rich and powerful must not happen at the expense of those who are not ‘powerful’.

Exploitation is not love. If work is going to be a way of making love visible, we need to keep working together for the good of all.

The dignity and rights of all need to be respected.

As we do this we can indeed be working as partners, in sacred work with God. May your Kingdom come!

A Kingdom of peace, justice, integrity and love for all.

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