This Feast reminds us of the reality of the historical Jesus.  Jesus born of Mary, who lived among us.  Jesus who died on the Cross in such a horrible way.  He also rose again at Easter.

Jesus tells us to take up our Cross and to follow Him.

There is no question that the Cross is painful and terrible.  Dying on the Cross was a horrible way to die.

The Cross is about commitment and love.

It is God becoming Jesus and walking with us in the challenges of life.

Jesus could have run away.  He did not because he wanted to be faithful to His mission.

His mission was to proclaim God’s unconditional love.  There were those who were challenged by what he said and did.  They wanted to get rid of Him.  He knew that, and the danger that it brought with it.  He did not stop living His mission.

In our own lives we have challenges.

  • Commitment to family requires a death to selfishness, to the ego!

  • Living by our Christian values of integrity, respect for others, living by our moral ethics, the pursuit of justice and defence of the poor and the oppressed, all require sacrifice.

When we follow Jesus as Christians, we are called to make a commitment to God, to our true self, to others, and to God’s creation. There are no short cuts!

Christianity is not about shielding ourselves from pain.  It is not about the easy road.  It is about love.

Love has no short cuts; love is in it for the long haul.

We are not about glorifying pain.  We are not about pain for its own sake.

Just like the pain of childbirth is about life, the Cross is about life.

The crucified One is no stranger.  In Jesus, God is truly one of us.

In Jesus we touch pain and ecstasy.  We move from pain and death to Resurrection and life eternal.

It is about love and about being who we are meant to be.

It is an amazing gift and privilege!

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