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Pope Francis reminded us a few days ago that we are all interconnected.

“The pandemic has highlighted how vulnerable and interconnected we are. If we do not care for each other, starting with the least and with the most affected, including creation, we cannot heal the world.”

The Pope reminded us that Christian faith demands conversion from individualism, and a commitment to defending the inherent dignity of every person. This dignity belongs to all, regardless of race, language or condition.

This timely reminder has serious social, economic and political implications.

We are not a consumer good! We are not objects! We are people capable of loving; we are created in the image and likeness of God. We have a unique dignity.

We are called to live in communion with all our brothers and sisters, and with respect for all of creation.

When there is selfishness, our outlook does not reach others, the community, but focuses on ourselves, and this makes us ugly, nasty and selfish, destroying harmony.

As Christians we are called to help heal social diseases. As disciples of Jesus we do not want to be indifferent or individualistic.

We need to keep rediscovering what it means to be members of the human family. This then translates into concrete actions of compassion and respect for every person, and of care and safeguarding of our common home.

A very important part of our Christian vocation is to be a catalyst in the larger community for good.

There are evils, like human trafficking, racism, abuse of conscience, sexual exploitation, the oppression of the poor, and physically and politically weak, by the powerful etc.

In the pursuit of justice and universal love we need to stay grounded ourselves.

So often in the Gospel we are told that Jesus spent time in prayer before he did some very important things.

We also need grounding in prayer. We are not called to be zealots, or just pure activists. We are disciples of Jesus helping in the mission of Jesus. We are called to a living faith, that manifests itself in good works.

Good works that are about unconditional love.

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