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The last few days have very active.  I have met with many people, sat at meetings, been part of several large celebrations.

I am now sitting in Santa Teresa in central Australia.

I am in the shade of a veranda.  There is a lemon tree just in front of me.  On its right is sturdy gum tree reaching up to the blue sky.  Beyond the tree is an ancient hill leading into hilly country.

That hill has been there for untold thousands of years.

It has seen untold generations of human beings and other forms of life come and go.

The breeze is gentle and refreshing in the warmth of the afternoon.

A wind chimer sings gently with the breeze.

So many important things were discussed over the last few day.

It is good now to listen to wisdom, to the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom is much more than just head knowledge.

It is about listening and living in the paradoxes, it is a bit like a dance.

Contemplation and some inner silence are essential if we are to act out of wisdom and just to react to challenges and things.

Action and contemplation need some intentionality.

Taking time out is a good and healthy Lenten discipline.

It is about mindfulness and more.

It is about being in the presence of the God, about listening  and Holy being!

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