Today is the Feast of St. Andrew.

I remember last year paying a visit to the village of Luqa in Malta.  It was the place where my grandfather was born and grew up.  As a boy I remember visiting my great grandmother who lived there.

Her son, my grandfather, had migrated with grandma and seven of their children to Adelaide in South Australia, four years before I was born.  Mum had stayed behind in Malta after she married my father.

I was invited to be the main celebrant during the celebration of the Feast of St. Andrew, the patron Saint of Luqa.

As I was looking at the body of the church from the altar I was thrown back in a journey in time.

My grandfather was Baptised in this church, as was his mother and grandmother, and many other ancestors before him

I was imagining my great grandmother as a young bride marrying my great grandfather in this church, and so many other family weddings for so many years before.

As the choir, led by a great lead singer, sang that hymn of thanksgiving, the ‘Te Deum’, I felt deeply moved.  I had goose pimples! It was beautifully sung!

I could see my mother’s first cousin in the church.  I remembered her well as a young lady.  She was visiting us from the USA where she now lives.

It was a wholesome experience for me.  We are the product of so many generations before us!

If we can, it is good to know where we came from.

As it turns out, I look a lot like this grandfather!  The older I grow, the more I see myself in him.  He was a family man, a good Christian man of deep faith.

That village of Luqa is part of me.

It is good to remember the influence that we have over others.  Hopefully, future generations will bless us as they remember us and the legacy that we give them.

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