Discernment is about choosing the path that God is inviting us into

The word ‘discernment’ is used quite often by some.

In the Christian understanding discernment is about listening to the Holy Spirit.  It is about the greater good.

Being Christian is not about everything happening as I wish it to happen.  It is not about a trouble-free life.  I remember my parents sharing fairy tales with me as a child.  I have sat down many times with my nephews and nieces making up stories for them.  I now do it with their children.  Every story has to have a happy ending!

As we grow up we quickly discover that life is not a ‘fairy tale’.  We still have expectations carried on from childhood that we should live ‘happily’ ever after.

The story of Jesus is a real story, not a fairy tale.  It is a true human drama.  It is about a man who was committed to doing the will of God (the Abba or Father).  He had to face temptations to quick and easy solutions to life and its challenges.  Jesus was humiliated, betrayed, accused of being mad, possessed, a blasphemer.  He suffered amazing pain of body and spirit.  He was murdered.  He also experienced spiritual dryness and ‘abandonment’ by the Father He trusted.

It is not the stuff that makes for a comfortable and easy life.

‘Unless you take up your cross every day and follow Me you cannot be My disciple’.

The high point of the life of the story of Jesus is the Resurrection.  There is no short cut to the Resurrection.  If we just tell people that everything will be ‘OK’, ‘don’t worry’ it does not help.

The Resurrection is about the faithfulness of God who loves us unconditionally forever.  It does not belittle the cross.

Discernment is about choosing the path that God is inviting us into.

‘Father not My will but Your  will be done’.

Discernment is:

  • Not about running away from pain and humiliation, and other challenges.

  • Not about seeking our comfort.

  • It is about LOVE.

  • About embracing the way of love, the way of commitment.

My peace I give you, My own peace I give you, a peace that the world cannot give.

This commitment to unconditional love empowered Jesus to give Himself.

We will also find ourselves when we give ourselves.

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