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Our hearts are restless unless they rest in God.

There is a space in our hearts that only union with God will satisfy.

We yearn for ecstasy; we look for someone, something, that can fulfil that yearning.

We can experience a certain emptiness, a certain ache, even sometimes a melancholy.

We seek a higher thrill, a deeper excitement.

We have a quest for happiness.  We want to run away from pain and sadness.

Sometimes we try to forget what we are experiencing.

It is one of the reasons why some people move into excessive behaviour.

  • Excessive drinking or the taking of other substances is one way of drowning sadness.  For a while, the pain cannot be felt.  Afterwards, of course, the pain is often heightened and is only suppressed.

  • Pornography can be another ‘anaesthetic’ that some people use to distract them from pain.

  • Sexual addiction can be another way some people indulge in, trying to run away from pain.

  • Excessive busyness can also be another escape mechanism.

We can go on with a list of other addictions, excessive eating, a quest for power, etc.

Jesus said the truth sets you free.

Facing and naming the truth of what we feel is healthy.

We need to want to be liberated from addictions, no-one can do it for us.

However, we often cannot do it alone.

When we recognise that these things are not good for us, indeed harmful, it is only a first step.

  • The help of others who understand, who are prepared to walk with us, is another very valuable step.

  • Recognising the power of God, especially as revealed to us in Jesus Christ, and surrendering to that power, is liberating.

  • When we recognise that God fulfils that yearning.

  • When we take steps to connect with God.

  • When we enlist the help of others.

  • When we are able to receive forgiveness and to forgive.

  • When we believe that we can be freed from being trapped, then we are moving in the right direction.

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