Lent is also a time when we reflect about being good stewards of creation.

In the book of Genesis, we are called by God to be connected with all that God had made.  Indeed, it was very good!

As human beings we have the ability to do so much good, and sadly the converse is also true.

We can work with nature or against nature.

We can treat nature with love or with disrespect.  God  loves a bit of creation, otherwise it would not exist .

Do I take for granted the amazing mystery and beauty around me?

Am I careless with how I dispose of rubbish?

Am I carful with how I use energy ?

Am I indifferent to human contribution to global warming?

How do I treat animals, flora, and fauna?

Am I in tune with the Holy Spirit’s gift of Awe as I react to creation around me?

Do I try not to be an unwitting collaborator with those who exploit creation disrespectfully?  e.g., Do not catch fish responsibly, or treat farm animals disrespectfully, or damage the environment?

A good time to reflect if I need to make changes in my behaviour.

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