More on Prayer

We are often conditioned to much stimulation and activity. Staying still and ‘doing nothing’ with God can feel and seem to be a waste of time otherwise used more productively.


When we stop, a thousand ‘monkeys’ can start jumping in our heads. Thoughts, concerns, problem solving etc pass through our minds.

We can be attracted to engage with these thoughts and reactions.


Be still and know that I am God…


Saint Terese, the little flower ‘suffered from illness which eventually brought about an early death for her’. So often she used to fall asleep during prayer. When she was told off by a priest for falling asleep at this time her response was, ‘Parents love their children whether they are awake or asleep’


It is good to set aside a set time for prayer. Then to stay there waiting upon the Lord. When destructions come, let them come and let them go and not focus on them.


As we trust and surrender to God we cooperate by letting God speak to our inner hearts. God’s energising and purifying love helps ‘reorder and refocus’ our hearts When we avoid the temptation of giving in to destruction and just simply letting go and come, we grow in prayer and relationship with God…