More tolerance!

Living with others whether in family or community has many blessings. It also has its challenges sometimes.


I catch myself mumbling to myself and reacting because some left dishes not put away or leaving something where I believe that it should not be.


I catch myself being annoyed because of what someone else is doing in a manner different from mine.


When I am more relaxed I can sometimes smile at my reaction. When I am more tired I tend to be less tolerant.


As I get older, I am able to recognise these reactions in me more. I think that I am a bit more aware of my reactions and a bit more honest about my sometimes lack of enough tolerance.


I recognise a need to keep on developing a greater sense of humour and not sweat the small stuff!


I also continue to do more self-talk. It helps me to keep things more in perspective!


I also find it helpful to repeat under my breath, love them… love them… it tends to disarm me and even smile…


I am also learning a bit more to laugh at myself…