Today is the first day of a week-long gathering of NATSICC. The conference is biannual and an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics to gather and celebrate their faith together.

I will be attending as a member of the bishop’s commission supporting our First Nations Peoples.

We gathered in Townsville a year later than planned because of Covid.


I am looking forward, as we gather in faith, reflection and celebration.


Our First Nations peoples face many challenges. There are many questions that have no easy answers.


One thing I do know is that any solutions to these challenges cannot be decided by others for our First Nations Peoples.


There has been too much of that done over history.

Together with others from within our church family, I want to walk alongside our brothers and sisters as they search for their solutions.


There is so much that we can all learn from each other and relate with love and respect.


I look forward to this gathering of culture and faith.

Please pray for us.