New hope

Today we celebrate the feast of St Matthias.

When Judas, who had betrayed Jesus, tragically took his life the Apostles appointed Matthias to take his place.


Judas had been chosen by Jesus and yet he betrayed Him.


The Church is composed of saints and sinners. In Jesus, God entered the messiness of human life.


Humanity is capable of so much good.

There are so many examples of amazing acts of love that people have shared with each other.


There are many examples of brilliance such as in music, drama, engineering, medicine and so many other disciplines that we are capable of.


Sadly there are also many examples of evil such as genocide, slavery, abuse, etc.


Strengthened by hope as a result of the Resurrection of Jesus the Apostles chose Matthias to replace the one who had betrayed.


Their Mission was to continue. They were about the Good News of salvation.


Jesus had given them hope that the evils of the crucifixion, of betrayal, would not win.


We share in that hope.


The evils of our times such as what is happening in Ukraine will not have the last word.


We are people of hope called by Christ to share His hope, His salvation…