Ongoing growth

In today’s Gospel Jesus combines His ministry of healing with calling others to share in this ministry.


That Mission continues today.


When we minister in the name of Jesus he is continuing his ongoing mission of calling humanity to wholeness according to God’s loving desire and plan.


He continues to call us out of confusion into his enlightenment and freedom from oppression.


Healing is an ongoing process, lifelong.


We are always getting there. The more that we surrender to God’s will the more we are able to be healed and let go of ‘baggage’ that we carry, excess and unhealthy baggage.


Today is also the Lunar New year.


This is a very important day for many millions of people on our planet.


What a rich tapestry of humanity we are!


As we grow in respect for each other we broaden our understanding beyond the confines of our own culture.


Christ also helps to liberate us from any unhealthy and small-mindedness that would stop us from appreciating the ‘different’


We may have different cultures and traditions and practices but we share a common humanity.


In Christ, we keep enriching each other.


In God, we are all his favourites! We are all infinitely Loved.