Ongoing conversion

Last Sunday we reflected on Jesus healing the man born blind.

Sometimes we all have blind spots and sometimes we don’t even recognise that we have them.

Sometimes we justify different types of actions and do not recognise how erroneous they are.


We are products of our cultures, families, experiences, even of ‘brain washings‘.


We also have shadows that we do not always recognise.


This can apply to individuals, families, various groups, cultures, nations, faiths including our Church.


Jesus is able to help cure this blindness.


Some examples of what these blindnesses are;


Various types of prejudice, we can tend to generalise about people of races, social status, sexual orientation, on the basis of their ‘formal’ education or lack of, etc.


Christians went to Africa and captured men, women, and children and took them across the world, and enslaved them. They somehow justified it even when they read the gospel!!


The Church got too closely involved in the empire at various times in history.


European Christians who tried to impose their own culture on other cultures and even demanded that Christianity be lived according to European culture instead of remembering that the Gospel is for all people and much larger than just one culture.


There are so many other examples.


St Paul said ‘when I am weak then I am strong‘.


We all need a healthy dose of humility.

We need to let the Gospel convert us instead of us converting the Gospel to our image and preferences.


So many of the saints though products of their own times and cultures have given us prophetic witness of conversion.


St Anthony of Egypt, St Francis of Assisi, St Mary McKillop, St Charles Borromeo, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and so many others are examples of people who by their conversion remind us of what God can do in weak human nature.


Shadows can by the grace of God be turned into light.

Jesus who gave sight to the blind man keeps on curing blindness today and always.


The Gospel keeps calling us individually and as a Church to ongoing conversion.


The Holy Spirit did not stop being active at Pentecost.


Prayer, spiritual direction, the sacraments, call us constantly to conversion.


The Plenary council here in Australia and the Synod in the universal Church are actions of the Holy Spirit today.


Lord help us to see and to hear today.





Image credit: IA SB via Unsplash