Open to the moment and the interruptions

I was at Garden Point on the Tiwi Islands early this week.

The beauty of the place strikes me every time I come here.

The pristine sea, the beautiful vegetation, the unceasing chorus of the birds, the joyful voices of the children.


I sat down on a bench by the sea for some solitude and to do some writing.

A group of six girls came to say hello.

They introduced themselves, I had Baptised one of them that morning and I was giving First Holy Communion to most of them on the following morning at Mass.


As we talked, they got very excited and pointed out a rather large crocodile swimming in the sea. This was followed by a conversation about the risk of swimming in these beautiful waters full of life.


They shared about the games that they were playing ‘Cops and Robbers’. The boys were the Cops, and they were the Robbers. The Robbers had outsmarted the boys by hiding under a boat!’

Then the mosquitos started to strike, and we had to move.

As we walked down the street, they all rushed to the fence around a house because they saw chickens and were all excited.

I had gone to prayerfully reflect, and the Lord spoke to me through these children.


‘Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven’.


As I finished writing this reflection, ‘a lizard’ fell off the wall onto the platform where I was writing.

He promptly rushed up again.

What do I learn from this?…




Image credit: Shelly Collins via Unsplash