Today Dean Taberdo will be ordained a priest in our Cathedral here in Darwin.


Presbyters or Priests as they are often called are close collaborators with the Bishop sharing with him the sacrament of Holy Orders.


The Diocesan Bishop is a successor to the role of the apostles. The apostles were entrusted by Jesus with the leadership of the church, a spiritual leaders.


This leadership is servant leadership. At the last supper, Jesus very clearly stated that church leadership is about service. ‘Wash each other’s feet ‘.


The Bishop is a vicar of Christ in the Diocese entrusted to his pastoral care.


His role is to empower all the other disciples of Jesus in their various vocational callings.


All the baptised share in the priesthood of Christ. All are called to be priestly, prophetic and kingly people in the service of the reign of God.


People who know that they are deeply and unconditionally loved and desire to share that love with all.


The ordained Presbyter as well as the deacon share in the ministry of the Bishop each in their respective ministry.


All are about service and love…


All Christians are called to be wounded healers. No leader is perfect, we all need healing and ongoing redemption.


Thank God for the dean who has accepted God’s call, and we also thank God for Jesus.