Our Lady Help of Christians

Mary under this title was chosen as patroness for Australia by the first provincial Synod of Australasia convened by Archbishop Bede Polding in 1844.


Catholics were a minority and often felt discriminated against. It was not easy to be a Catholic in those days. Sometimes they felt under siege. 


There are those who believe that it is not easy being a Catholic today.


There are challenges to the funding and independence of Catholic schools, to tax deductions given to charities. There are challenges to the dignity of the human person in all stages of a person’s journey from conception to death.


Catholic medical caregivers feel pressured to go against their conscience in certain aspects of medical practice. 


Today’s Feast reminds us among other things to be people of hope and resilience.


These are great qualities that Mary our mother amply demonstrated so very well. 


We need her help to remain, faithful to our beliefs and to remain clear-headed. In the face of these and other challenges, we need to react with prudence, even zeal but never as Zealots.


We need her help so that we never get tired of seeking the greater good while always acting with true charity.