Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary the Mother Jesus experienced challenges and pain as we do.


She like many mothers suffered to see her son Jesus suffer.

    • She gave birth to him in a stable
    • She had to escape as a refugee because King Harold wanted to kill him when he was a baby.
    • She lost him for three days when he was twelve years old…
    • She could see the Jewish leaders plotting against her Son.
    • She saw him die an agonising death on the cross.
    • She held his dead body and saw him buried.
    • She saw his early church persecuted.

These are the recorded times of sorrow that Mary endured. There would have been others such as the death of Joseph and their parents etc…


Mary is a role model for us as Mothers of the Church.

She continued being faithful and trusting despite the challenges and sorrows that she endured.


As we celebrate this feast today we remember that as our mother she walks with us lovingly in our own challenges.