Today is Pentecost Sunday.


Jesus had gone to heaven. He had been with them after His resurrection.


He had promised not to abandon them but now ten days had gone by. Old fears and insecurities had begun to creep in.


They were locked together in a room for fear of being in danger from those who had killed Jesus. Mary and others were with them.


Suddenly the room shook and what looked like the youngest of fire came upon them.


Jesus had kept his promise.


The Holy Spirit had been given to them. They were transformed and went out and started telling everyone about Jesus.


Thousands joined their number. This is often called the birthday of the church.


Jesus was indeed with them. This same Jesus is with us also and always will be.


We also face many challenges. The human race faces challenges, the church faces challenges, and as families and individuals we all face challenges.


In all this, Jesus is with us.


The church is guided forever to continue to keep doing its mission by the Holy Spirit.


We have perennial teachings given to us by Jesus. The Holy Spirit continues to help us understand and live those values today and in every age.