Our weakness turned into good

Last Sunday Jesus gave authority to Peter as a leader of his church.

Peter is so good for us!


Despite being given this leadership role he remains very human.


He tries to stop Jesus from going to his passion and death. He denies that he knew Jesus when he was under pressure when Jesus was arrested.


Even after Pentecost, he is told off by Saint Paul for avoiding eating with the uncircumcised because he was under pressure even though he knew better!


However, Jesus did not give up on him.

He became the great Saint Peter who gave up his life for Christ as a martyr.


God does not give up on us despite our many mistakes.


Like Peter, we also need to accept that choosing what is convenient and easy is often not the Gospel.


Jesus told us to take up our cross every day and to follow him.


Commitment to Jesus is not something that is just done once. It needs constant renewal even every day! We rely on the mercy and healing love of God.