Our young adult leaders

Today I attended a gathering of young adult leaders from our diocese.It was a time of affirmation of the valuable contribution that these young people make to the lives of many young people.It was also a time of mutual support with peers. It is good to share ministry and hopes with others.It was also a time of listening to God’s call, a time of recommitment to faithful serving.There was story sharing,  food sharing, and prayer.I felt so blessed to be in the midst of such a group of young people.Ministry can be challenging and it only makes sense if it is the fruit of prayer and loving faith.The facilitators for the evening were members of the Alpha team.Alpha is the first letter of the Greek Alphabet.It is also a movement that enables participants to share the deeper yearnings of their hearts.Also to be open to spiritual values and introduces participants to Christ.These young people are well equipped to be the bearers of hope and good news for others.