Once again I am on a plane. This time on the way to celebrate the wedding of good friends.


I often experience a certain reluctance to leave where I am happy, connected loved and loving.


Yet I know that when I get to my destination I am also in a place where there is connection and an exchange of love.


As I write this reflection I am conscious that it is the anniversary of the death of a dear friend. I know how great the feeling of grief for his wife still is even after 7 years.


We know that love is eternal. Yet we still grieve because of absence.


Yet, paradoxically, we are still connected!


When there is true love then the space between us is sacred and charged with love.


We can be fully present in one place and still connected with those far away including those who have died.


This time of Easter is a celebration of love and the promise of more love.

It is a celebration also of sacred space.


Whatever the challenges that we face, we are promised that love triumphs! This promise is profoundly real…