​I was talking with a young lady recently who though baptised as catholic now worships in one of the Pentecostal churches.


Though respectful of the Catholic Church she had been put off by cultural Catholics who did not seem to have a personal relationship with Jesus and though ‘religious’ lacked passion for the message of Jesus and did not seem to live by his message!


This made me ask some questions;


Do we consider our faith to be the most important thing in our life which energies all of our relationships?


Do we frequently ensure that we are not the cause of scandal?


Does the way that I  treat others reflect our faith, and in other ways do we practice what we profess?


Do I have a deep desire for salvation for all?


In other words, do I let the light of Christ shine strongly in my life?


Though I am aware of my weakness do I keep coming to Christ to heal me and make me strong, a wounded healer…