Peter and Paul

Today the Church remembers the two great Apostles, Peter and Paul.

It is actually the celebration of the two basilicas dedicated to them.

However, the real focus is on the men themselves who we remember today.


They were very different men with their own personalities and missions.


Peter the ‘Rock’ was the leader of the early Christian community. He Ministered mostly to Christians of Jewish background. Paul mostly Ministered to Christians of non-Jewish background although they both Ministered to all.


They both ended up In Rome and were martyred in Rome.


The Apostolic authority has always been seen as very important in the Church.

It is a guarantee of connection with the Apostolic Church.


Jesus gave this authority to the Apostles. It helps to keep the Church United and Faithful to the teachings of Christ and the teachings of the Holy Spirit over the ages.


Only today I heard of groups that deny the reality of the Resurrection of Jesus and still choose to be Christian.


The Apostles were witnesses of having been with the risen Christ.


Peter and Paul complemented each other.


We share in that same Faith as them and each one of us is called to be faithful in our own vocation.


We are the ‘Body of Christ’ where all the different parts work together for the good of all.







Image credit: Catholic News Agency