Plenary Council

Last Sunday we celebrated mass in our cathedral for the start of the Plenary Council.
The Uniting Church Ministers and Church representatives came and presented a candle and prayer to us.
The delegates to the council were all present.
The singing was beautiful and the cathedral was full.


As I sat in the bishop’s chair, I felt a deep sense of connection with Pentecost Sunday and all the other councils of the Church that have happened over the last two thousand years.
It was a powerful moment that brought to life the mystery that we were being part of.
I felt a connection with the Apostles and with the Apostolic Church which has come down to us for two thousand years.


We are now in the middle of the week.
The participants are trying to listen to what God is saying to us. It is not about the Church we want. It is about the Church God wants.


The deposit of Faith has come down to us from Jesus and the Apostolic Church.
However, every era, every time and place, needs to adapt those teachings for our time. We need to remain faithful to what we have inherited.
However, Jesus Himself told us that the Holy Spirit will continue to help us understand those teachings more deeply!  That never stops.


So many views, so many ideas!
Yet one Faith, one Lord Jesus Christ.
I hear the words of Jesus:
Father may they be one, as you and I are one.



Image credit: Diocese of Darwin