The human person is created in the image of God. We have dignity and beauty that nothing can take away.


Our human sexuality is a wonderful gift and is meant to be an expression of committed love. It is in many ways sacred. Its rightful expression is love-giving, self-giving and life-giving. It is an expression of deep love between two subjects.


Pornography is a travesty of the expression of deep love. It treats people as objects of pleasure and self-gratification rather than subjects worthy of true love.


Technology is a wonderful gift. It can be used for so much good. However, it can certainly be abused.


Abused it is when it is used to promulgate pornography!


Sadly this abuse is becoming more widespread and deemed almost ‘acceptable’!


It is also addictive and is the cause of so much harm to young and old!


It dulls the spirit and an enemy of a contemplative attitude to life…