Power through weakness

It is a delusion for anyone who does not admit to imperfection and weakness.

So many times, in the scriptures and in the history of the Church God chooses the weak to carry out His plans.

Power and success are so valued by the world in which we live.

The ways of the world seek glory by moving upwards.


God reveals His glory by moving downward.


It is through the way of the cross that Jesus gives glory to God.


The glory of the resurrection can never be separated from the glory of the cross.


St Paul shares his human weakness with us knowing that as he shares in the crucifixion of Christ, he can also demonstrate the power of God.

God has in a way more need of our weakness than our strength. (2 Cor 12)


The path to true power is through weakness. It is about God’s power. It is about love. Love transforms all things.

True Ministry is powerful love in action through weakness.

This is a great reminder to us that there is no room for any form of triumphalist attitudes in Ministry and healthy Spirituality.


The truth is that there is an effect of sin in our lives. Minimising this truth is delusional. The closer we get to God the more we see the reality of our imperfection and failures.


We are invited to trust God fully as Jesus did. When we do not run away from suffering but live through it in Faith and Trust we also, in God’s time, share in the resurrection.

It is the way to freedom, glory, and wholeness.

Indeed, in Jesus, it becomes the true pathway to joy instead of an obstacle.


Despite our share of life’s hardships, eternal glory waits on the horizon, and it outweighs all the burdens we can ever experience on this side of heaven.


We live in this hope and promise as we travel to our true home.





Image credit: Adobe Stock