Pray Always

St Paul says pray always. Does this mean that we need to be saying lots of words?


Yesterday, I spoke about prayerful meditation, i.e. being with God.


An ancient practice in the church has been the practice of the use of The Jesus Prayer.


This means making use of a mantra with the name of Jesus in it to help in focusing.

It serves to give a ‘toy’ to the mind while also reminding the one praying to focus on Jesus.


There have been a number of forms of this ‘mantra’


  • Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me a sinner
  • Lord have mercy

Or simply repeating the name of Jesus i.e. ‘Jesus’


The mantra is prayed, repeatedly during prayer and then simply repeated constantly during the day.


It can also be prayed silently with the breath.


As we breathe in we simply say ‘Je’ as we breathe out we say ‘us’.

We breathe in life giving oxygen we breathe out carbon dioxide and impurities.


Jesus is life we entrust our weakness to him!


Praying this mantra constantly is a way of staying intentionally connected with God.