Pressures and challenges

So many people face difficult situations and they do not know where else to turn.


Some feel alone and that there is nowhere else to turn to.

Some move on into depression and do not see a way out.


So many of our structures are under pressure. The way we live, family structures, and social structures are under pressure.


We can be so time poor, expectations of efficiency, expectations of quick results all put pressure on us.


Technological advances are mixed blessings. Human interaction which has been part of our human society for so long is being replaced by technological interaction e.g., we used to talk to shopkeepers, bank tellers, etc.


Yet our need for healthy interaction is still there as social human beings.


We need to intentionally make time to be with each other in real and meaningful ways.


Loneliness is on the increase as is depression and mental illnesses.


We are also Spiritual beings.

Our Spirits are often malnourished.


As we plan family activities, Church activities, etc, we need to keep these things in mind.


Intentional identification and care for vulnerable individuals, families planning time with each other, outreach by Parishes and other Church organisations must not be left to chance.


‘Come to me all you who labour shoulder my yoke and find rest for your souls‘.


Jesus reminds us that we are never alone.


‘I am with you always, even to the end of time’.


Meditation, pastoral support groups and when needed, pastoral counselling etc, all need to be on the agenda of pastoral planning and reflection in our Parishes and Communities.






Image credit: Nik Shuliahin via Unsplash