Putting things off

Do you ever put difficult things off?

Sometimes I catch myself doing so and then get anxious about how they would go when I, at last, decided to do them.


Difficult things need effort and work.

However, we make them more difficult to do when we get anxious.


Some years ago I came across the practice of double ‘fining‘ things.


Fine if things go as I expect and fine if they don’t.


This requires detachment and freedom.


Some things need to be done because of responsibility and care for others. They cannot just be put off to another time or not at all.


Making the effort required (regardless of the energy it takes) and detachment from the reaction of others, is part of acting freely.


When we worry unduly about the reactions of others, we also lack freedom.


St Ignatius of Loyola and other Spiritual guides encourage us to go for the ‘bull’s eye’.


That means that we do not put things off but have the courage and commitment to put first things first.


The Ego often gets in the way of this type of freedom.


We can become ‘success’ motivated.

We can become over-concerned about the reactions of others towards us.

We can become over-concerned about not being fully ‘in charge‘ and in control of situations.


Courage is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit keeps empowering us to act with integrity and love.




Image credit: AdobeStock