Yesterday, I had the opportunity to have two Q&A sharing periods with year twelve students in one of our catholic schools.


I started by sharing something about my life and faith journey.


I told them that they can ask any question they wish provided that it was genuine.


The questions ranged from bioethics, abortion, euthanasia, ordination of women, married priests, celibacy, church mistakes… Christianity and what it means God’s existence, the scriptures, other Religions and more.


I was left energised and with a very positive feeling about the encounters.

It was certainly worthwhile doing. The young people reacted very positively.


We all need ongoing formation, I certainly do!


So many do not reject or question our faith .. they rather reject or question a concoction !!!


Comparatively, recently Pope Francis has instituted the ministry of Catechist.


This is a formal recognition by the Pope of the great ministry done by Catechists.


These are teachers of the faith who are specially formed and commissioned.


We need to find effective and creative ways of sharing our ongoing faith formation with all ages.