Questions and understanding

I had the privilege recently of listening to the questions of Faith of a young man.


I was reminded of myself at about the same age.

I had so many questions. Is God real? Is Jesus really God? Did he really die and rise…? What about the Church…?


I was growing up! I was blessed to have had good teachers who understood and shared wisdom and knowledge without imposing anything on my beliefs.

They led by example as well as with knowledge and very importantly with love.


What a sacred responsibility we have to walk with our children and young people.

How important is Youth Ministry.  How important it is to give them access to healthy teaching and information about our Faith.


In fact, so many of our people have missed out on healthy and balanced opportunities to understand our Faith beliefs and teachings.


We are lifelong learners. When we stop learning we stop growing in our connection with the Mystery of God and of all things.


Our liturgies and our celebrations become so less transformative if we are not properly formed in our Faith.


We become so much more vulnerable to mistaken expressions of our Church life and of secular agenda.


Jesus reminded us that the truth sets us free.


As Faith communities, we need to lovingly continue putting our resources and energies into Faith formation for all. We need to share ideas as to the best ways of doing this and to put these ideas into practice.


Simultaneously we need to offer life-giving liturgies and opportunities for spiritual direction and retreats.





Image credit: Camylla Battani via Unsplash