Quieting of the storm!

Life is full of challenges with things happening beyond our control.

Illness, grief of many types, shattered dreams and hopes, betrayals, natural disasters, spiritual darkness and much more… can indeed be heavy storms in our lives.


We do not always experience the presence of God in these circumstances.


The feelings of fear and confusion of the apostles in that boat, during the storm, are shared by many as they deal with their challenges!


Yet Jesus was with them and did quieten the storm !


There is not always some deep hidden meaning to why ‘bad’ things happen!


God does not directly send cancer or an earthquake to people…


These are events of nature which though amazing have limitations as well!


God has promised to turn everything into good for us!


As we face these challenges with faith hope and love we grow! This is often hard and can be very painful.


In Jesus, God identifies with our pain and even our death!


He not only suffered and died but he rose again from death and will die no more! We share in his victory and everlasting love, happiness and peace…